Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Innovation is Global

In the Universe change is driven by Fission, Fusion, Electromagnetism, Gravitation, and Mutation. Of all things in the known Universe, only humans innovate. As individuals, humans are all innovators. We are always looking for better ways to approach the challenges we face every day.

The way we innovate is through Discovery, where we go out looking for something new (or serendipitously find it), Experimentation, where we try different possible solutions to find the right one, and Synthesis, where we take existing knowledge and combine it in new ways to create new ideas. In terms of economy, Synthesis is generally the most economical, and Discovery is generally the least. That is why knowledge and access to knowledge is crucial to any individual, or organization. This necessary ingredient is now more accessible to everyone around the world through this medium, the Internet. That is part of the reason we see more and more countries able to focus on innovation.
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