Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Information-Age is Over!

The Information-Age is over. The invention of the computer is credited with the birth of the Information-Age. But it didn’t really hit the stratosphere until the Internet became the pantry of information. And early on, that is exactly what the Internet was used for. Companies set up websites to provide information about the company. Individuals put up website that gave information about themselves or about their favorite sports team, or actor, or disease.
Today, thanks to sites like Yahoo and Google, we are using the Internet, not just as an information warehouse, but as a way to share knowledge. As a consequence, the Internet is becoming a crucial tool whenever we have a problem to solve. The most expedient way to solve a problem is to see if someone else has already solved the same problem and adopt that solution. The Internet is a great tool to get instant knowledge to help solve problems. One of humanities great instincts is the instinct to share knowledge. Google, Yahoo, Ask.com, MSN Live Search, AltaVista, and Lycos have ‘shared’ us into the Knowledge-Age.
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