Thursday, July 10, 2008

Business Innovation Conference

Welcome to a Business Innovation Conference and exhibition in the heart of America।

The Business Innovation Conference is the first conference bringing academia, government, and business together to explore and learn the science of innovation, and accelerate performance through innovation. Exchange your knowledge, experience, and excitement with Innovators like yourself.

Why Attend?
The Business Innovation Conference will bring innovators, entrepreneurs, engineers, and executives to share their methods, challenges, and lessons learned and raise the understanding of the innovation process and tools to the next level. There will be wide range of 36 sessions and 6 workshops to choose from over three days! In addition there will be keynote presentations by diverse industry leaders and a recognition dinner for innovators.
In the past, innovation has been considered an art, flash of genius, rare occurrences of brilliance, expensive and unpredictable. In the 21st century, we must master innovation so that we become continual thinkers, capable of innovating on demand for mass customization, and sustain profitable growth. This requires that we understand innovation better and standardize the process for predictable results.
Top 5 Benefits Of Attending:
1. Raise your understanding of the innovation process and tools to the next level.
2. Learn to Sustain Profitable Growth & Innovate More Efficiently.
3. Enter the Global Innovation Awards.
4. Learn to master innovation to become a continual thinker, capable of innovating on demand for mass customization.
5. Network with industry leaders.
Who Should Attend?
· CEOs
· Presidents
· Vice-President
· Executives of leading companies
· Business Innovation Leaders
· Educational Leaders
· Process Improvement Professionals

Your Registration Includes
· Access to all conference sessions on Sept. 9 & 10 (Workshops on Monday, Sept. 8 additional)
· CD ROM of conference proceedings
· Conference meals (cont'l breakfasts, luncheons, networking receptions)
· Book "Business Innovation in the 21st Century"
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