Monday, February 16, 2009

Move Managers Around – Recession Strategy for Innovation

The trouble with a strategy of cost cutting is
it creates a huge obstacle for any change
that involves a little investment. It is a very
risk-averse tactic. When the rule of the day
is to cut spending to the bone, it is very
difficult to look at changing the way things
are done if there is any level of risk. Change
means risk. The strategy of moving
managers around can generate great results
only if the objective of the business is
‘improvement’. Finding an opportunity to
trim a cost is just a consequence of that, not
the objective. The reason moving managers
around works is that it overcomes one of the
biggest obstacles to innovation and problem
solving – mindset. It allows latent ideas to
bubble up and deliver results, including cost
cutting results, while preserving both
innovation and long-term profits. See Article at
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