Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Key to Employee Engagement is Self-Management

The key to employee engagement is self-management.  Like motivation where the only real motivation is self-motivation, the only real management is self-management.  The more successful a company is in implementing self-management the more successful the company will be.  

Institutionalizing self-management is challenging.  Paul Zak suggest that it first depends upon trust which depends upon our bodies’ use of oxytocin.  Things that inhibit the production of oxytocin include hierarchy where we are forced to play the child role, high stress, and fear.  Eliminate those and you are well on your way to self-management.  How to do that?  To answer that question we wrote the book Behave! How to get 100% of your workers fully engaged.

Paul Zak on Trust, Morality -- and Oxytocin

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