Thursday, May 9, 2013

Good Read: Monopoly Rules by Dr. Milind Lele

Monopoly Rules does something interesting.  It takes a concept like niche marketing and with the simple pen stroke changing the word from ‘niche’ to ‘monopoly’ opens up a wonderful new way of thinking about market position.  The author suggest that the prime goal for any company is to hold a monopoly position in whatever you deliver for customers.  Harvard graduate Dr Milind Lele, the author, suggests that there are five tests for monopoly
  1. Do your customers see only you?
  2. Are you invisible to your competitors?
  3. Are your true competitors outside the dotted lines? 
  4. Do you price like a monopolist?
  5. Do you earn unusually high profits?

Monopolies do not sustain.  The author advises successful entrepreneurs to be always thinking about their next monopolies.
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