Monday, July 29, 2013

Real Employee Engagement Survey Comments

The following 10 comments are a sampling of hundreds of real comments made on an employee engagement survey.   For anyone familiar with the Behavioral Advantage methods, this list is astounding.

  • Sometimes external and internal customers have unrealistic expectations of what I can do.
  • My colleagues do not plan ahead and force a short deadline that could have been put in the queue earlier.
  • In terms of managing priorities, the priorities I start the week with get shifted, so I need more open communication with supervisor.
  • We are under-resourced.  Sometimes we work on a proposal when we know we cannot win it.  Also there seems to be no downside consequence for not doing something that is needed.
  • Always there are lots of roadblocks to getting tools that would be useful.
  • When I seek help from others in the business I think their attitude is better than their follow-thru, colleagues have too much on their plates too.
  • We have piled up initiatives and this creates a ripple effect and causes bottlenecks.
  • I am not empowered to be proactive.
  • I lack communication of what others on the team are working on.
  • My only suggestion would be that my job satisfaction would increase if I were participating in building something meaningful and recognized as a valuable participant.

It’s astounding because none of the comments would make any sense to members of a Behavioral Advantage team.  The thing that makes this list inconceivable is the Behavioral Advantage structure around a weekly meeting.  The meeting is designed to prevent issues like these from having more than a one week half-life.  Employee do not let an issue like communication, priorities, or empowerment go unresolved for more than 4 1/2 business days.  It just doesn’t happen.

Behavioral Advantage teams are all about getting stuff done now.  Any obstacles get removed right away through the team’s peer-to-peer accountability disciplines.

If you want this level of performance in your teams let us come in and demo the methodology with one of your tougher teams.  You will see a remarkable change in individual and team performance, guaranteed.

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