Wednesday, April 22, 2009

CEO and TEE Leadership

The CEO has the main leadership responsibility to build and maintain employee Trust, Engagement, and Empowerment (eTEEsm). If you are going to run a good problem solving company, you must be good at creating eTEE. Building employee Trust, Engagement, and Empowerment requires leadership, not management.

Great CEO leadership isn’t about being soft. Great CEO’s set high standards. They are tenacious and persistent. The great CEO pays attention to detail and focuses upon efficiency. Such a CEO demands deep thinking and clear-headed analysis. A great leader doesn’t just exhibit these traits. A great leader gets the people he or she leads to set high standards for themselves, to be persistent, to think deeply for themselves, to thoroughly analyze, to pay attention to detail, to be efficient, and to always strive for excellence.

First-rate CEOs see this responsibility as their primary responsibility. Second-rate CEOs spend the bulk of their time managing. They are busy making decisions and evaluating performance. Frequently, second tier CEO’s spend no time at all working their eTEE responsibilities. They are managers. Managers try to get the most out of their employees. Leaders give their colleagues the opportunity to be their best.
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