Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fire the Hiring Manager

Companies that employ people who can work together but think differently tend to be better at defining problems accurately and creating new opportunities for growth. Diversity of mind is the keystone of a strong human capital structure. These different perspectives, different ways of thinking, enable a company to see customer problems from a broad field of view. Opportunities are found in customer problems. Companies that are good at this tend to take market share from their more myopic competitors. They also are the companies that create completely new markets.

“Hiring managers hire the people they like the most.” Here, the research is definitive1. Hiring managers hire the people they like the most. Why? Primarily because hiring managers have no training and no expertise in the art of how to pick the best candidate. That forces hiring managers to use whatever tools they have at hand to come to a choice. People like other people who are most like themselves. FREE WHITE PAPER:
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