Thursday, December 12, 2013

Are you a great leader? - A simple 4 question self-test.

Great leadership in business is extraordinarily valuable.  Great leadership correlate strongly to individual, team and company performance improvements impacting innovation, creativity, attrition, attendance, productivity, customer service, customer loyalty, and most importantly the bottom line.  

A great leader creates a heightened emotional connection that an employee feels for his or her organization, causing the employee to exert greater discretionary effort, as well as (an here is where the real value hides) propelling the employee to give your organization his or her discretionary thinking.”  

Everyday most employees deliver the performance expected of them; but when they leave at 5pm they leave the business completely behind.  Emotionally connected employees also deliver what's expected of them; but when they leave the building they take with them some problem or opportunity in the form of a problem needing a solution.   Since the human brain solves problems best when it's in a state of rest, our best problem solving is done when we are relaxing away from the company.  These little solutions exists by the thousands and add up to a huge lift in operating margin.  History has shown that the greatest impact of real leadership comes in the form of double digit improvements in operating margin.  

Click here for a simple self-test to determine if you are delivering great leadership in your organization..

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